Banner Ad Design Prices

Kethyr Solutions provides a wide assortment of banner designs, in all file formats, that fall within the guidelines of major search engine and directory sites. Select the banner type that's best for you, or contact us to get a specific estimate for your project:

Standard Animated or Non-Animated Banners

Standard animated and non-animated banners are available in GIF or JPEG format. We can make these banners in a full range of sizes (skyscraper, full banner, half banner, square, buttons, and microbuttons.) Please specify banner type and size when ordering.

Price: $250.00

Rich Media Banners

Rich media banners can include text fields, search fields, buttons, lists, pull-down menus, and image maps. Please specify banner type and size when ordering.

Price: $300.00

Flash Banners

A Flash banner provides more multimedia options at a smaller file size, provided that the end user has the required Flash plug-in.

Price: $350.00

All banners are quoted above at single-banner rates. Volume discounts are available, as are discounts for those having Kethyr Solutions manage their banner advertising campaigns. Rush jobs for banners are handled at an additional 50-100% fee. Use of royalty-free stock photography in a banner costs $35+ per photo.

For more information or a quote for your specific needs, contact Kethyr Solutions today.

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